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The ball is thrown with a trajectory so that it passes over the goalkeeper and ends up entering the goal.

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To score a goal, a player must throw the ball into the opposing team's goal. There is a 6 meter crease surrounding the goal where only the defending goalie can stand. If a player scores a goal from within this zone, it is not counted as a goal. The physical goals are two meters high and three meters wide.

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There is no corner throw on Handball. When the ball crosses the goal line, touched by the defending goalkeeper, a Goalkeeper Throw will be awarded the defending team. If the touches a regular defensive player and crosses the goal line, a Throw-in will be awarded to the attacking team.

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The player puts one foot on the corner of the side line and the goal line and passes the ball in. Goal-throws - This occurs when the ball comes off a goalkeeper and crosses the goal line. The goalkeeper then takes the throw from within their own area. Find out more about the handball court. Picture Credit: bodrumsurf / Shutterstock.com

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Throw-in. A throw-in occurs when the handball goes out. The player throwing in must stand with one foot on the outside line. Goal clearance. The goal clearance is used when the HANDBALL leaves the field via the goal line and was last touched by the attacking team or the goalkeeper of the defending team.

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There are many influencing factors that hopefully all contribute to the end result - The ball being successfully thrown into the goal. Besides great accuracy the arm strength of your handball players can influence the outcome of a throw. The best shooting drills can improve all those facets of a handball throw.

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A throw-off occurs at the beginning of each period and after the opposing team scores a goal. It must be cleared by the referees. Modern handball introduced the "fast throw-off" concept; i.e., the play will be immediately restarted by the referees as soon as the executing team fulfills its requirements.

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Corner Throw. The handball corner throw is given when the ball is played over the goal line (or either side of the goal) by a defending player. The corner throw is taken by an attacking player from the corner of court and they can use either hand when they are throwing the corner ball back into play.

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