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Urban Dictionary: skinhead

Skinheads were an off shoot to the mods and football(soccer)holligans called "boot boys". they took great pride in their dress and a proper skinhead could be seen wearing a button down brutus, ben sherman or any proper shirt. braces(suspenders, not the fat hillbilly grandpa kind but thin)a levi jacket or an american flight jacket. levi staprest trousers, blue jeans and sometimes cammo pants, allthough the combat trousers were not worn until the revival and the comming of punk rock.Fred Perry ...

Urban Dictionary: skins

(British slang) Rolling papers, esp. when rolling a joint.

Urban Dictionary: Skinned

To skin someone. To rip someone off, to be unfair. Usually used when money's changing hands, this is almost always used regarding hard to trace transactions between freinds .

Urban Dictionary: thinskin

opposite of thick skinned, a pussy. can be used with the suffix -ed, or by itself

Urban Dictionary: it me

This is exactly how I feel. A Japanese electronic music video that is messed-up, has lots of bouncing boobs, ass, and tits. What happens when you do drugs in Japan.

Discussion: Should we be distinguishing between 'Boer' and ...

A perfect example of this is Urban Dictionary. Search for the word ‘boer’ and you find two pages of deep-rooted pain, mixed in with the diluting effect of humour.

White Supremacist Roots of “Yellow Bone” – Queer Consciousness

This term seems to appear everywhere, on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook used to describe people and also used as a hash tag. The term yellow bone is used as a supposedly positive description and reference to black people who have light skin. Urban dictionary describes yellow bone as “the lightest type of light skinned black female.

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Leave the hot cheeto girls alone - The Diamondback

According to Urban Dictionary, a hot cheeto girl is defined as “ that one bitch everyone has in their class. kinda ghetto. prolly wears thrasher sweatshirts and vans. always ready to fight a bitch.