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What does wallop in volley ball term mean? - Answers

It is a kind of service seldomly used in volleyball. It is similar to side serve but the difference is the ball contact is over the head.

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Wallop definition is - to boil noisily. How to use wallop in a sentence.

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Informal v. wal·loped , wal·lop·ing , wal·lops v. tr. 1. To beat forcefully; thrash. 2. To strike with a hard blow: walloped the ball into the outfield. Wallop - definition of wallop by The Free Dictionary. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/wallop. Printer Friendly. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary12,983,091,655visitors served.

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the ability to effect a forceful impression; punch: That ad packs a wallop. a pleasurable thrill; kick: The joke gave them all a wallop.

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Volleyball is the game

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wallop definition: 1. to hit someone hard, especially with the flat part of the hand or with something held in the…. Learn more.

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informal. 1 A heavy blow or punch. More example sentences. ‘I gave it a wallop with my boot’. ‘I must go down to the basement at once with my trusty two-by-four and administer a few more bracing wallops.’. ‘With that Allardyce stands up and wallops Mark and Lard, leaving them flying into the crowd.’. ‘It appears that she got a ...

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Volleyball Serves What're The 4 Types of Overhand Serves in Volleyball: The overhand jump float serve is one of the volleyball serves we learn in Boot Camp Class. (JMR Photography) There are four types of overhand volleyball serves most commonly used in advanced competition like varsity high school games, college games, beach tournaments and ...