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This responsible Rottweiler doggo keeps trying her best to guard her mom in the most loyal yet fun ways possible. 
This Rottweiler might be a good doggo but a questionable guard dog. (instagram/@harleybear_therottie)
This Rottweiler might be a good doggo but a questionable guard dog. (instagram/@harleybear_therottie)
Updated on Nov 06, 2021 04:34 PM IST
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By Sohini Sengupta

For many of us who want to have dogs at home, having a guard dog might be an added bonus because they help keep you safe and leave you feeling secure at the end of the day.

football games for pc offline,But, what if we told you that a guard dog like a Rottweiler is not very good at what it is supposed to do - that is: guarding.

reddit soccer,Yes, you read that right. In this video that has recently taken over Instagram, we can see that this very responsible and wholesome doggo has made it her life’s duty to guard her mom.

But considering the fact that she doesn't really know how to actually guard her mom or what it is that she would actually need guarding against - she just keeps trying in the most loyal yet fun ways possible.,handball live heute zdf

Sometimes, she guards her mum against strangers by being overly friendly with them and giving them the sweetest licks all over their faces.,list of all cricket commentators

tennis grand slam all 4,On other occasions, you would see her aggressively barking at leaves that are falling from trees so that none of them enter her house and make it messy in any way.

“Guard dog mission successful,” reads the caption, “No leaf shall enter our property!”,soccer referee fitness test

“Who else has a dog that guards them against the most ridiculous things?” asks the Rottweiler’s amused mom.,poker private room online

Watch the hilarious video right here:,soccer live score tomorrow


tennis grand slam all 4,Having gathered 2.6 million views since it was posted, this video is gaining more likes and comments by the second!

“Even my Labrador is a guard dog although he guards us from ants!” - laughed an Instagram user.,cricket bet expert

basketball legends chrome extension,“I have a giant Doberman, he's just like this,” related another.

queen elizabeth park tennis wall,Well, it may not be a lot but at least it is honest work! As the great meme would put it - she is a little confused but she has got the spirit.

Does your pet guard dog do something similar?,basketball jersey background

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