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Nov 06, 2021

Looking for some healthy winter delights that will keep you warm and fit?

Video Credit: Pexels/ cottonbro

 Here are a few healthy snack options that you can include to your diet in the months ahead

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Picture Credit: CC 3.0/ Crunchyheart

A perfect snack to much on in winter as it is made of jaggery and sesame seeds which help in keeping the body warm


Picture Credit: Pexels/ Castorly Stock

Sesame seeds are rich in antioxidants and jaggery helps to tackle iron deficiency

Picture Credit: Unsplash

One of the most popular delicacies enjoyed in winters. Gond is a gum which is extracted from the bark of a tree and produces heat

Gond ke laddu

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Fruits are the great option to nosh on in winters as it is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A which strengthens the immunity

Increase consumption of orange, guava and carrot

Picture Credit: Pexels/ Arjun

Dry, roast, grind flaxseeds and add little jaggery, crushed walnuts, magaz and pumpkin seeds. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids

Panjiri is also a healthy snack in winters

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Swap your normal cookies with cinnamon cookies this winter as cinnamon is a perfect winter spice that boosts your health

Cinnamon cookies

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Nuts such as cashews and peanuts are loaded with essential minerals and vitamins. Having them roasted gives you a delightful sense of warmth and fullness

 Roasted nuts

Picture Credit: CC 4.0/ Talupu

Flavoured or roasted fox nuts make for a healthy snack in winter 

Fox nuts 

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